Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Windows 7 Videos Created

Hi All,

I created some muted Windows 7 demonstration videos so you can get a look at Windows 7 Home Premium edition. Most new computers being sold in stores will have Windows 7 Home Premium. Let me know if they help or need improving.

Thanks for your support,

Matt Gjerde

Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 Release

1) File sharing-Create a work or home group to share resources like
pictures and music just to name a few.

2) Jump lists-This is a new feature that speeds access to pictures, music
and web sites among many other favorites.

3) SNAP-Allows you to resize program windows to view them all at once.

4) Windows Live Essentials-Gives you the ability to organize documents like
pictures and other information. It also has an available email program,
notepad program for word processing, a family safety component and for a fee
You can make phone calls which include video chatting over the internet. One of the best
features is Windows Live Messenger which gives you the ability to communicate
With listed contacts if they are unavailable by other means.

5) Windows Search-Streamlines search for specific content, finds anything quickly.

6) Task Bar-Gives you the ability to preview each windows 7 desktop
without having to click on